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Some Beatle Celebs Share Their George Stories

As we remember George Harrison 20 years after we lost him (11/29/01), some Beatle folks you MAY know share their favorite memory of George and their favorite tracks from the Quiet Beatle. Please keep George top of mind this holiday week and throughout the year by playing his music and sharing this link from Brunch Bytes so others can hear these George stories. Are you a member of The Beatle Brunch Club? Why not join and get so much more? Like every week’s show on demand with bonus tracks, commercial free, PLUS Old Brown Shows including historic radio shows featuring Ringo, Paul, George and John, plus a just produced special on “Let it Be”. Use promo code BRUNCHDEAL1 or BRUNCHDEAL2 to save on your 1 or 2 year BBC membership, so it’s only costing you $2 a month! Scroll up on our home page for the link to join and live the culture of The Beatle Brunch Club.

Four Fab Beatle Celebs share their George Harrison stories: