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Weeklings – In Their Own Write – 5-Songs

Hear FIVE Fab tracks from The Weeklings new Jem Records CD “In Their Own Write”, as heard on Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch.  This new CD is an LP best described as “EXPLOSIVE!” “FUN!” “ALL LIVE MUSIC”. The Weeklings are America’s most unique celebration of The Beatles, who also penned a collection of originals, and because of the pandemic, the concept of the “live album” was born! Like the band themselves, the album title is very Beatlesque clever nod to John Lennon’s first book. The album features The Weeklings playing songs live while recording them. They are mostly original tunes and some covers with unique re-arrangments, including “The Word” and “Baby You’re a Rich Man”, There’s also a wonderful tribute to Fountain of Wayne’s Adam Schleshinger in their rendition of “That Thing You Do”. Listen to FIVE tracks from the CD here, and others on Beatle Brunch. The Weeklings are: Lefty Weekling (Glen Burtnik), Zeek Weekling (Bob Burger), Rocky Weekling (John Merjave), and Smokestack Weekling (Joe Bellia).  Discover more at