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What happens when all the #1 Beatles songs are played, note-perfect by Canada’s most sought-after session musicians? What happens when you add 5 lead vocalists capable of representing the intricate vocals of The Beatles with incredible accuracy and tonal similarity? What happens when you add an orchestra to perform the strings and brass the way you remember them from the records? What happens when you punctuate the live performance show with spell-binding clips on screen?  Beatle Brunch listeners!!! You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!

You get an interactive multimedia performance called “ONES,” now touring Florida, chronicling The Beatles songs that hit #1 on the radio charts as Beatlemania took over the country!  LISTEN HERE! 

“Each song you’ll see and hear is a snapshot in time.  In a span of just seven years, a once-in-a-lifetime style of writing and performing that is enduring, continually captures new generations of fans,” said Frank Zirone, Producer, who created the show in 2016 and serves as a musician and fan. Zirone, a successful singer-songwriter / recording artist himself sits in with the live musicians on stage, and JUST WAIT till YOU experience it! See and hear Zirone talk about the production value here.

The musicians begin with The Beatles first #1 in America:  “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, which includes a core band of career Canadian artists, many of whom have toured with Beatles tribute bands over the years. They’re joined by an orchestra adding strings, horns, and percussion, the hallmark of Beatles work when they stopped touring and became the most influential studio band in rock history. In fact click here to listen the ONES show’s rendition of the classic Strawberry Fields Forever.

To add to the authenticity of the sound, ONES includes period correct instruments and sound equipment faithful to the period in which the songs were recorded and produced.

In between songs and during performance, “ONES” entertains audiences with rich imagery, laser visuals, radio clips (featuring Toronto radio announcer Al Joynes), and stories, providing context of the period.

“We use a screen portion of our show as a backdrop to tell the story behind the songs and what was going on in the lives of The Beatles,” said Zirone. “A lot of the stories are not well known, and some are very well known. It is a transformative experience that creates a nostalgia for those seven years and The Beatles. ONES is a time machine that takes you back, like going through a family album of pictures,” he said.

Along with the 27 #1 hits of The Beatles, the show features a special encore set of #1 hits by each of the Beatles as solo artists: John Paul George & Ringo on their own.

The show is touring the U.S. again with a stop in Ft Lauderdale at The Parker Saturday night March 2nd. Here’s the link to tickets to shows in Florida happening soon! It’s the 60th anniversary of Beatlemania, and The ONES are playing dates across the Sunshine State. Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson will be your emcee at the Ft Lauderdale Parker show. “It’s my first time seeing The Ones show and like millions of fans, I can’t wait to see and hear a night full of Beatles magic”.  Check back here OR click on the Ones Show’s website. Don’t miss this show! Tickets and information available here. 

Listen to Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch to hear songs from the show and a special tribute for George Harrison’s birthday. Beatle Brunch Club members get to listen to extras from the show and the producer.


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