The Beatle Who Vanished is Back?

CHICAGO, IL (June 2024) For just 13 days, he shared the stage with the world’s most renowned rock group before vanishing into thin air. Now, in the 60th Beatles Anniversary Tour Edition of The Beatle Who Vanished, award-winning author Jim Berkenstadt delves into the enigmatic journey of Jimmie Nicol. With a compelling narrative, Berkenstadt unravels the mysterious path that has shrouded Nicol since his sudden disappearance in the late Sixties

The Beatle Who Vanished -60th Beatles Anniversay Edition out now, is the first historical account of Jimmie Nicol, a little known drummer whose journey from humble beginnings to an improbable climb – rescuing The Beatles’ first world tour from disaster by stepping in for ailing Ringo Starr – was only one part of his legend. Though his 13 days of fame made headlines, the true mystery of Nicol’s account is riddled with blacklisting, betrayal, drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and an eventual disappearance that leads many to question whether he is dead or alive.

In this edition of the No. 1 Bestseller, released to coincide with the 60th Beatles Anniversary World Tour featuring Nicol’s memorable performances with the iconic band, readers will uncover the truth about the drummer’s mysterious fate. Delving into the narrative, we unveil the story behind his reported demise, which sparked rumors of his death in London during the 1990s and resurfaced again in Mexico City in 2014.

The Beatle Who Vanished – 60th Beatles Anniversary Tour Edition reveals new insights into Nicol’s life and career, including:

  • Is Jimmie Nicol still alive? If so, where is he residing and what is he currently doing?
  • Where did Nicol first learn to play the drums?
  • Who were Nicol’s bandmates in his first teenage band?
  • What advice did Producer George Martin impart to Nicol before his tour with The Beatles?
  • What became of the iconic Gold Watch presented to Nicol by Brian Epstein and The Beatles?
  • Have there been any recent sightings of Nicol over the past decade?
  • How have tributes across the globe commemorated Nicol’s time with The Beatles?
  • Why was Nicol “posthumously awarded” a Gold Medal in Mexico City in 2014?
  • Who is the mysterious Josefina, and how did the Rock And Roll Detective®uncover The Beatle Who Vanished?

more..tid bits:

It Was 60 Years Ago Today / Jimmie Nicol helped the band to play on June 3rd, 1964, The Beatles were at a photo shoot for The Saturday Evening Post when Ringo collapsed. A local Dr is summoned and Ringo is taken to the private patients wing of University College Hospital, London, suffering from tonsillitis and Pharyngitis

The Boys were scheduled to leave the next morning on a world tour and it was too late to cancel. Manager Brian Epstein and Producer George Martin arranged for a temporary drummer to fill in for Ringo, someone who they knew to be talented but unknown enough not to be mistaken for Ringo, but just to take Ringo’s place for the first part of the tour. After a quick phone call, drummer Jimmie Nicol was summoned to EMI’s Abbey Road Studio where he and the other three ran through six songs from their tour set repertoire in a quick rehearsal before the last minute departure. After rehearsal Jimmie left to go pack for the trip while the other three stayed behind to do some recording.

Though Jimmy was well received and throngs of teenager still rushed the stage even though Ringo was not there, Jimmie was taken to the airport terminal late into the night to make his way back to London. Jimmie, all alone in the concourse, shook hands with Epstein who handed him a gift from the boys: a GOLD watch. Read how All these many years later, that watch comes back in to play, in Jim’s NEWLY UPDATED “The Beatle Who Vanished – The 60th Beatles Anniversary Edition. 

Jimmie Nicol was hired to substitute for the ailing Ringo Starr on The Beatles’ first world tour. Within one year, he had Vanished.  But later, in the late 1980s and again in 2014, word spread that he had died. “The Beatle Who Vanished: 60th Beatles Anniversary Tour” edition, out now, finally answers the question below. On sale now on Amazon.

What happened to Jimmie Nicol? Is he dead or alive? If he is alive, what is he doing? Where is he?  Read Jim Berkenstadt’s updated book, available now at Amazon: Paperbacks signed by the author are available at: www.thebeatlewhovanished.com 

Jim Berkenstadt is also known as The Rock & Roll Detective. The company is dedicated to providing consulting, production, publishing, writing, research, social media and content creation for the music, television and film industry. Read more at www.rockandrolldetective.com

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