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The Paul is Dead Hoax goes live on WABC in 1969 – Hear the broadcast

This week for Halloween, we’re featuring the Paul is Dead hoax from 1969. Listen to the live broadcast on WABC radio New York on October 21, 1969. Newly hired deejay Roby Yonge took to the airways at midnight and during his shift, started giving out the clues pointing to the supposed death of Paul McCartney. Roby was fired while on the air by Program Director Rick Sklar in his bathrobe. Historic audio! Hey, are you a member of The Beatle Brunch Club? Why not join and get so much more? Like every week’s show on demand with bonus tracks, commercial free, PLUS Old Brown Shows including historic radio shows like Ringo’s Yellow Submarine radio show from 1983, plus others! Join up for as little as $4 a month! Scroll up on our home page for the link to join and live the culture of The Beatle Brunch Club.

Hear Roby Yonge give the Paul is Dead clues live on WABC New York, 10-21-1969