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Ringo’s Yellow Submarine Final Episode!

This is the 26th and FINAL episode of Ringo Starr’s 1983 ABC radio series called “Yellow Submarine”. Ringo shared his personal memories about The Beatles, from Beatlemania, to Ed Sullivan, to the films they made, to the breakup and more. Ringo told stories we had never heard before! What a show! So what’s on THIS final episode 26? The episode is hosted by legendary announcer Gary Owens and was recorded live where Ringo took calls from all over the country and answered questions about Paul, George and John. “Will there be a Threetles reunion? How is your son Zak’s drumming coming along?” and for the first time, we believe, he talked about the origin of “All Those Years Ago”, and how the song was originally NOT for John. It had different lyrics that Ringo sang. Listen and hear Ringo tell the story. If you have not listened to this series, go back and start from episode 1 and come all the way back here! Ringo’s Yellow Submarine radio show aired on participating radio stations in the U.S. between June 4, 1983 and November 26, 1983. If you know anyone who would like to hear these shows, urge them to join The Beatle Brunch Club with a discount promo code BRUNCHDEAL1 or BRUNCHDEAL2 for a one or two year membership. Click here for membership!  Thank you BBC members for your support and THANK YOU Ringo Starr!