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Peter Noone Talks Beatles and John Lennon

Lead singer of Herman’s Hermits, Peter Noone, is no doubt a huge Beatles fans, often telling John Lennon stories in between songs in his shows or talking about them on his Sirius/XM radio show. Joe Johnson of Beatle Brunch has met and talked to Peter on many occasions: The Flower Power Cruises, Abbey Road on the River, AND backstage at a show in Miami in the late 1990’s. Here Peter talks Beatles and John, and we hear a song he sung for John Lennon when Lennon turned 75, 6 years ago! Enjoy! Hey if you’re NOT a member of The Beatle Brunch Club, you can get so much more! Like every week’s show on demand with bonus tracks, commercial free, PLUS Old Brown Shows including historic radio shows featuring Ringo, Paul, George and John, plus others on The Beach Boys and Steve Miller. Join up for as little as $4 a month! Scroll up on our home page for the link to join!.