Sir Paul McCartney has headed out on The Long and Winding Rail-road to have it help create a new Macca guitar pick for him, and maybe us!

Plucky Paul was spotted recently leaving coins on the railroad tracks near his home so that trains would flatten them. He would return after the train had passed to collect the coins! Smashing!

An onlooker said: “Normally it’s kids who leave coins on the track, not a grandad. It was only when he returned did the penny drop – perfect plectrums.”

We don’t know if Macca is planning to mass market his picks, or just making them for friends and fellow bandmates, but we can assume that guitar players around the world would love to open their shows with “Penny Lane” using one of Paul’s new picks.

Where will Paul show up next? Perhaps on the beach with one of those metal detectors?

In the photo collage, it’s Macca in shorts, a tee-shirt and a Team GB Olympic cap, placing a dozen one-cent coins on the Long Island Rail Road in New York’s Hamptons, where he has a home.