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Paul McCartney interviewed by Joe Johnson 9 17 05

As mentioned on the “Beatle Brunch 32nd Anniversary Show”, Joe Johnson’s 2005 interview with Paul McCartney in Tampa FL.  Paul and Joe talked backstage following Paul’s soundcheck and before the 8 pm show, about his then new CD, “Chaos and Creation in The Back Yard”, nearly ALL of the songs on the album, plus Joe asked Paul if he’d ever want to produce a McCartney musical, was there ANY chance of buying back his song catalog from Michael Jackson, AND did he ever consider changing lyrics to a song after it was written. He tells some great stories of “Please Please Me” and “Hey Jude”, plus, did you spot the photo of the Ambigram on the CD? That’s where the written words appear the same upside down. BTW this is the first time the FULL interview has been posted on line. There are NO edits once it starts. We hope you like it. Joe SURE was nervous.

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Joe Johnson Interview with Paul McCartney before the Tampa FL show, 9-17-2005 complete!