‘Here on the shore, twenty years later, my message in a bottle has reached dry land. Words about our life, his death but mostly love and our journey to the end.’ – Olivia Harrison 

photo by Josh Giroux

Olivia Harrison presents “Came the Lightening, Twenty Poems for George”, marking the twentieth year since his passing on November 29, 2001 to be released June 21st, 2022. 

As a contributor to the book “Concert for George”, the revised edition of “I Me Mine”, and “George Harrison: Living in the Material World”, Olivia is no stranger to writing beautiful words that have an ethereal connection to love, so between the covers of this book are 20 poems penned by the woman who knew George the best.



“Came the Lightening” sees Olivia reflect upon her life with George, examining the intimacy of the emotional bond in their relationship through a memorable series of personal poetry. She delves into the phenomenon of losing a partner and the passage of time, more than 20 years. 


Olivia Harrison’s beautiful poems are accompanied by a selection of photographs and mementos curated by Olivia, including pictures of herself and George. 

Featuring an introduction written by Martin ScorseseCame the Lightening also includes a selection of photographs and mementos curated by Olivia, including pictures of herself and George, to accompany the twenty poems.

Olivia evokes the most fleeting gestures and instants, plucked from the flow of time and memory and felt through her choice of words and the overall rhythm… She might have done an oral history or a memoir. Instead, she composed a work of poetic autobiography.’ – Director and friend Martin Scorsese

A special limited edition signed copy can be purchased from Genesis Publications, who was the original publisher of George’s “I Me Mine” in 1980, with all first editions signed by George back then.

These signed editions of “Came the Lightening”, signed by Olivia are limited to 1500 copies, with the first 500 presented as Deluxe Box Sets by Genesis Publications. 

Came The Lightening presents rare and previously unseen work by photographers such as the legendary Henry Grossman, award-winning wildlife and travel photographer Sue Flood, acclaimed portrait and reportage photographer Mary McCartney, and artist, photographer, and filmmaker Marcus Tomlinson. A drawing by artist, musician and dear friend Klaus Voormann, and a portrait of George taken in Maui by Genesis’s founder, Brian Roylance, also appear within the collection.

photo by Michael Simon


Olivia Harrison’s “Came the Lightening”, a book of twenty poems dedicated to George, marking the twentieth year since his passing will be coming out in June. Listen to Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch to hear more about the book.

In essence, “Came the Lightening – Twenty Poems for George” is a story of love.  Pick up your copy, on sale now.



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