Beatle Brunch Bytes

Mr. Ed Rudy interview by Joe Johnson in 2004

Hear historic interviews of The Beatles conducted by Mr. Ed Rudy in 1964, from his 2 album set of personal interviews with The Boys on their first U.S. visit from February 7-22, 1964. Wild scenes at Kennedy airport, Washington DC, New York and Miami. Plus hear Joe Johnson’s one on one interview with Ed from April 2004, when his historic interviews were made available on CD, hopefully we’ll have more CDs soon. Enjoy the interview plus 2 bonus interviews with George and John. SADLY, ED PASSED AWAY ON NOVEMBER 7th 2022.

Click HERE to listen to a full side of The Ed Rudy Talk album:

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Joe Johnson interviews Ed Rudy in 2004 about his rare and exclusive interviews with The Beatles in 1964, with sound examples. Click below.

Mr. Ed Rudy conducts a very good interview with George Harrison that runs 13-minutes. Very good! Rare!  Click below.

A recently discovered interview by Ed Rudy with John Lennon all about their NEW success in America from 1964. Click below.