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McCartney Unplugged 4 Bonus songs

When Paul McCartney’s MTV Unplugged concert was released on CD in June of 1991, there were a few songs missing from this MOST ENJOYABLE performance, where Paul and his band – including Linda – kept true to the concept and REALLY unplugged. We’ve got four of the missing tracks here. Two can be found on Paul’s “Biker Like an Icon” CD single. LOVE THESE SONGS! Hey thanks for your Beatle Brunch membership! Not a member? Read more:

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McCartney Unplugged 1991 bonus track: Midnight Special, which goes back 100 years to the old south. Paul share the original legend and the song in this incredible Unplugged performance.

McCartney Unplugged, 1991 bonus track from his January 25, 1991 performance, “Things We Said Today” FANTASTIC!

McCartney Unplugged 1991 bonus track: Show intro, Mean Woman Blues & Matchbox – unplugged