Saturday April 1, 2023*


John Lennon’s mum’s former home sold at auction this afternoon for £155,000 to a super Beatle fan, Joe Johnson, who five years ago tried to buy George Harrison’s childhood home. The semi-detached property on Blomfield Road in Allerton’s Springwood estate, was where Lennon was taught how to play the banjo and where he was given his first guitar by his mum, Julia.

The winning bidder,  Joe Johnson, host of the national radio show, Beatle Brunch, bid via zoom from Ft Lauderdale, FL as he could not attend the auction in person. The auction was held in a packed council chamber at Liverpool Town Hall. The life-long Beatle fan, who hosts a national radio show called “Beatle Brunch” had tried to buy John Lennon’s home in 2013 and also the home where George Harrison grew up for £156,000 five years ago but was unsuccessful. Mr. Johnson plans to live in the Blomfield Road property and produce his radio show from John’s former living room. However he added: “I may rent Blomfield Road out for a short time until I figure out the logistics and either sell or rent my home in Ft Lauderdale. Either way, I’ll be broadcasting Beatle Brunch live from the living room and giving live on-air tours to fans.”

In his later teenage years it was at the Blomfield Road house that Lennon’s first band The Quarrymen practiced, with Paul McCartney being a frequent visitor.

“Paul called to congratulate me on the purchase”, said Johnson and Ringo has already asked if he can stay there when the All Starr Band comes to town on April 1st to feel the vibe of young John Lennon.

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On May 29th 2023 Beatle Brunch launched show #1561 entering year 31 with a special retrospective show featuring beloved guests and memories of the timeline of The Beatles during the run of the Brunch, like appearing live around the world on CNN with Wolf Blitzer the day George Harrison passed, November 29, 2001 and being part of a feature on NBC’s The Today Show with Kerry Sanders in 2004 and conducting a one-on-one interview with Sir Paul McCartney in 2005.



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