Dreamed up while on a long drive with a stack of Beatles CDs riding along, Miami radio deejay,  Production Specialist and life-long BEATLE FAN – Joe Johnson, 32 years ago imagined a radio show on The Beatles that would be as tasty as a Sunday Brunch. 

Beatle Brunch episode 1, aired Sunday May 31, 1992 on ONE radio station in the Miami market: Majic 102.7. Today the show is electronically delivered to 100 plus radio stations in the U.S. via Compass Media Networks and available on-demand in The Beatle Brunch Club. To Johnson, that’s like hearing that this little band from Liverpool will one day be as big as Elvis.

On June 2nd, 2024 Beatle Brunch will air program #1613 entering year 33 with a retrospective show featuring some special guests and memories of the timeline of The Beatles during the run of the Brunch. Join The Beatle Brunch Club and get hundreds of shows on demand.

Of course, the memory of show #1 comes through like Sgt Pepper’s Band, the 25th anniversary of Pepper was the show’s first feature spotlight, and as The Sgt and his band turn 57, Johnson, just 32 at the time, “didn’t want to stop the show” either, giving Beatle Brunch the next 32 years to see how it runs. Pretty well we must admit.

photo left : the very first show mastered on digital audio tape. Today Beatle Brunch is sent out electronically via an upload to an ftp site.

Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch adventures lead to one-on-one-interviews with Sir Paul McCartney, who looked at Joe with surprise when he could NOT get his mini-disc recorder to start on September 17th, 2005. Photos Bill Bernstein.

In an interview with Ringo Starr he told Joe that on all of their tours, The Beatles always shared a room with a fellow Beatle while Manager Brian Epstein booked himself a suite.

Olivia Harrison recalled to Joe that George would most want to be remembered most as a gardener, while Yoko Ono told the story of how she and John dreamed of a tour after “Double Fantasy” where the show would open with Yoko sitting in a chair on stage, then John dropping to one knee and singing, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to her live on stage.

On June 2nd Beatle Brunch will launch show #1613 entering year 33 with a special retrospective  featuring  guests and memories of the timeline of The Beatles during the run of The Brunch, like appearing live around the world on CNN with Wolf Blitzer the day George Harrison passed, November 29, 2001 or being interviewed on camera

by NBC’s The Today Show on The Beatles 40th anniversary of their trip to America,

Much like The Beatles continue to gain in popularity with the recent release of the fully-restored LET IT BE film and The Get Back film from Director Peter JacksonPaul McCartney & Ringo Starr both writing and recording while Ringo has just re-started his All Starr Band, touring with a Beatle-load of hits this summer, Beatle Brunch shows NO signs of slowing down either. We’ve added more stations around the US from Monterey CA to The Bay Area and many others, now more than 100 affiliates broadcast Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch.


Radio programmers and consultants who want to add THE MOST POPULAR syndicated Beatles radio show in the country to their station’s lineup, please contact Joe Johnson host and producer, at Beatlebrunchradio@gmail.com or reach out to Adam Wilbur from  Compass Media Networks, @ (831) 247-7068 or awilbur@compassmedianetworks.com.

It’s true says Johnson, “I don’t really want to stop the show”, so the act you’ve known for All Those Years Ago will march on to the next 32.


  Beatle Brunch: “A splendid time is guaranteed for All”

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Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch is hosted by award-winning broadcaster Joe Johnson, who is also Music Host on the Flower Power Cruise and The 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise, and The Ultimate Disco Cruise. Joe created, hosts and produces Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch, a nationally-syndicated radio program on The Beatles, now in its 33th year. For exclusive access to more news and historic audio including weekly Beatle Brunch programs, Old Brown Shows, Brunch Bytes and classic radio shows, join The Beatle Brunch Club . Use promo code BRUNCHDEAL1 or BRUNCHDEAL2 for a discount on a one or two year membership.