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Beatles Recording Engineer Geoff Emerick intv by Joe Johnson

In 1966, recording engineer for EMI’s Abbey Road Studios was asked personally by George Martin if he would like to engineer the recording of The Beatles next album, later known as Revolver. Geoff discusses Revolver and many other songs he recorded and his methods to get the best performance from The Boys, often breaking studio / EMI rules. Hear Joe Johnson talk to the late Geoff Emerick on March 30th, 2006, along with writer Howard Massey. Find out these facts:

What early Beatles session did Geoff sit in on that sold him on The Beatles talents?

What did John Lennon say to Geoff that made him quit working with The Beatles?

What Beatles song from the Sgt Pepper era does Geoff cite as his favorite?

Geoff’s book is still available on Amazon and other sites. Sadly Geoff passed away in 2018 from a heart attack. He remains one of the most respected and iconic pieces of The Beatles DNA. Geoff continued to work with George Martin, Paul and Ringo (and many others) after The Beatles broke up.

Sadly Geoff passed away on October 2nd, 2018.

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