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Interview with Jay Bergen, author of new Lennon book

Joe Johnson  chats with the author of a great new book on the thought processes of John Lennon called “Lennon, the Mobster & The Lawyer – The Untold Story”, who gave compelling testimony in 1975 to derail a lawsuit brought upon John and Capitol Records by publisher Morris Levy, who had released tapes from John’s Rock & Roll recording sessions without permission, as a “new” John Lennon album called “Roots”. Levy was well known for bilking his clients like Tommy James, to name just one of many. The author is Jay Bergen and he was Lennon’s attorney for that lawsuit. Jay kept copious notes and has the original stenographers transcribed testimony from Lennon, so you’ll get to “see” John speak in his voice how he recorded the tracks for his Rock and Roll album and how he would prove that Levy had NO RIGHT to release his work without Lennon’s permission and participation.  Hear Jay and Joe on the October 9th Beatle Brunch program, plus we’ve added a remixed track left to this interview that was left off of John’s “Rock & Roll” album, “Be My Baby”, the Ronnettes hit done by John Lennon.  Join The Beatle Brunch Club to listen to EVERY show on demand with bonus tracks.