Beatle Brunch Bytes

Giles Martin talks about remixing the Let it Be album, from BC The Beatles podcast

Here is a segment of the October 10th Beatle Brunch show that we’re posting to everyone, so you can hear Giles Martin talk about remixing the Let it Be album, and more. It’s a sample of a segment of Beatle Brunch from this weekend’s show called “Let it PRE”, as we preview the 8 songs that have been released thus far. The interview is from the Because The Beatles podcast. You can hear the full interview conducted Allison Boron and Erika White from BC The Beatles @ Hey if you’re NOT a member of The Beatle Brunch Club, you can get so much more! Like every week’s show on demand with bonus tracks, commercial free, PLUS Old Brown Shows including historic radio shows featuring Ringo, Paul, George and John, plus others on The Beach Boys and Steve Miller. Join up for as little as $4 a month! Scroll up on our home page for the link to join.