Beatle Brunch Bytes

Carl Perkins talks to Joe Johnson in 1996 about songs he wrote for Paul and George that made them tear up

It was 1996 and Beatle Brunch Host Joe Johnson had the good fortune to interview the great Carl Perkins about his new cd, “Go Cat Go”.  As far as we know, it’s the ONLY CD or album NOT by The Beatles that features each member. John is featured with his live version of “Blue Suede Shoes” written by Carl. Ringo is featured singing and playing “Honey Don’t” live with Carl Perkins, and Paul and George are each featured co-singing and playing with Carl on a song he wrote for each of them. On this interview excerpt, Carl tells Joe the backstory on those two songs and we get to hear them.

This is in celebration of our All American Beatles Tribute for the 4th of July, 2022. Thank you for listening. I hope you love it.

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