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The life but not legend of Tony Bramwell ended on Sunday June 2.  Tony was the best boyhood friend of George Harrison, friends with all four actually AND Pete Best. Bramwell was a do-it-all-guy: Beatles roadie, Manager Brian Epstein’s assistant and creator of the music video says MTV which continued right through “A Day in the Life”, “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

Tony helped change music. Of course The Beatles couldn’t be everywhere all at once, so Bramwell sent them out as stars in their own song-long films (the precursor of music videos and given an award by MTV in the 80’s).

Originally from Liverpool, Yahoo music says Tony was even close to The Beatles before they skyrocketed to global fame and changed music history, and says he was on site the day John & Paul met July 6, 1957.

The Beatles‘ official Instagram also honored Tony – who was born in 1946 – and noted: “Tony worked on many NEMS and Apple projects, from music videos to photo shoots, PR and more and will be missed by many friends and colleagues.”  The Liverpool Beatles Museum paid tribute to the “lovely man”, stating: “Everyone at the Liverpool Beatles Museum- Mathew Street is saddened to hear of the recent passing of Tony Bramwell. He was a lovely man. We enjoyed his company on many occasions. Condolences to his family.”  And here at Beatle Brunch, Tony joined the show and our fans on several Beatle Brunch Cruises.

Now, Sir Paul McCartney is leading the way and has paid heartfelt tribute to Bramwell, calling him a “good companion” throughout the Beatles’ era in his tribute. The music legend was said to be a key part in the Fab Four’s’ journey as their road manager. It’s been reported he was even there when Paul met John Lennon for the first time.

Tony was invited to join the Beatle Brunch Gang on several Beatles Tribute Cruises and on this one here TV personality Tony Perkins is up on stage so all of us and the band could play a birthday tribute to Tony Bramwell.

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Joe Johnson talking to Tony Bramwell about the cruise and his favorite Beatles song on a Beatles Brunch Cruise.