Beatle Brunch Bytes

Hear The Beatles FIRST Radio Interview from Oct 27, 1962 PLUS two others.

Hear 3 fascinating interviews that took place before The Beatles hit America, starting with their first radio interview, which took place at Cleaver and Clatterbridge Hospitals in the Wirral in England October 27, 1962, 60 years ago! What makes this interview special is that Paul acknowledges that John is “the leader of the group”. John is nervous but proudly announced the name and label number of The Beatles first single, “Love Me Do”, Parlaphone R 4949.  Hear them discuss the yet-to-be-recorded properly, “Please Please Me”and more.

The second interview took place two weeks before The Beatles invaded America, conducted by Harold Kelley, who asks some quirky questions but also gets them to talk about Ed Sullivan and how they wrote “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

The third interview is from Dibbs Mathers who went backstage before a Beatles concert in Doncaster England on December 10, 1963. He tries to get John to be serious and if you listen, you can hear the girls shouting “we want Paul” and “we want John” through the doors. An interview that gives all 4 Beatles equal time on the mic.

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Hear The Beatles first radio interview, October 27th, 1962!

Harold Kelley of Armed Forces Radio interviews The Beatles January 24, 1964 in France.

Dibbs Mathers, Australian journalist based in London interviews The Beatles Dec 10, 1963 backstage before a show.