Beatle Brunch Bytes

How The Beatles American Invasion sounded

On Friday February 7th, 1964, The Beatles invaded America, landing in New York with the number one song on the Billboard chart. America couldn’t wait to hold their hands! This week, as we celebrate the Beatles first U.S. visit, we’ll hear songs from their first two Ed Sullivan shows in New York and Miami along with interviews with the press that have been locked in a vault for 50-plus years, by Carrol James, Ed Rudy, Rick Shaw, Larry Kane and many others. Listen to all the clips in this section and check out Joshua Onley’s original song of his Beatle memories from 1964 called “My Older Sister” here on Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch.  Join The Beatle Brunch Club to hear MORE, including every week’s Beatle Brunch program on-demand, PLUS Old Brown Shows going back 30-years, like Ringo’s 1983 radio series, “Yellow Submarine”! Join up at Use promo code BRUNCHDEAL1 or BRUNCHDEAL2 to save on your 1 or 2 year BBC membership.

Mr. Ed Rudy interviews Paul, John, Mal Evans and Neil Aspinal in Miami ’64

Mr Ed Rudy talks to The Beatles as they prepare to leave Miami ’64

Mr Ed Rudy describes the mania of New York and Washington DC.

Mr Ed Rudy talks to George about the success of the visit and his sister “Lucille” (it’s Louise).

The Beatles tell Miami radio station WQAM, “thank you and goodbye” Feb 20, 1964.