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Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch is a captivating hour of music and interviews with The Beatles as ‘The Greatest Little Rock Band in the World’ with the contemporary music of Paul and Ringo. The Brunch also features new musicians, artists and authors who were influenced and inspired by The Fab Four. You’ll also hear interviews from the early days of Beatlemania including rare audio clips from Manager, Brian Epstein, The 5th Beatle, George Martin, George Harrison, John Lennon and other prominent personalities in the Brunch Bytes tab, plus the most up to date information about The Beatles music today. Beatle Brunch takes you on a trip inside the studio to hear a song under construction or a journey to a faraway stage, a flashback to a famous Beatles concert or a Television appearance, to recent musical performances and quips by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Listen to The Brunch with Joe Johnson every weekend on your favorite station or if the show’s not available in your area call the Program Director of your local Classic Hits Radio station and ask for The Brunch.

History, Insights, and Inspiration

The idea for Beatle Brunch originated in the spring of 1992. It was on a long drive to visit family and Joe brought along a stack of Beatles CD’s. He listened to each album with the volume cranked through the 6-speaker sound system. The songs sounded fresh, new and exciting 22 years after The Beatles split. Joe wondered why local radio stations weren’t featuring The Beatles in a regular radio program, so he decided to do something about it. As Production Director, deejay and producer at Miami’s Classic Hits station, MAJIC 102.7, Joe proposed the idea of a one-hour show about The Beatles and it was approved.

Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch debuted May 31st 1992 on 5 radio stations: Miami, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Rochester, NY; Baltimore, MD; and Laconia, NH. For the first 8 years, Joe built the station affiliates one-at-a-time, adding great cities like Boston, Pittsburgh and Denver. Now, The Brunch with Joe Johnson is distributed nationally throughout the US, Canada and the US Virgin Islands by The Compass Media Radio Network. With a personal touch of grace and charm Joe adds delight to his Beatle Brunch Family by mixing and mingling with all those who enthusiastically come together whenever he emcees sponsored Beatles festivals, cruises, and events all over the world.

Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch is a one-hour weekly radio show about The Greatest Group in Rock History. The Beatles music and films have endured for generations to enjoy, and even today, The Beatles remain one of THE most popular groups of all time. Their music continues to influence new generations of fans. Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch has been on their across America every week since 1992 and its popularity remains at an all-time high. Beatle Brunch Club members get deep access to The Beatles on-demand, Old Brown Shows from many years ago, plus bonus tracks, rare audio clips, interviews and updated news and features on brunchradio.com.

The Beatle Brunch Club is a natural extension of the weekly radio program, offering fans of the show an opportunity to engage with host, Joe Johnson and access additional content. Bound by a shared passion and love for the Beatles, listeners and website visitors alike come together to celebrate fandom through a variety of outstanding resources including articles, trivia, games, rare interviews and recordings, and so much more. We’re thrilled to have you as a member of the club and encourage you to invite others to join as well.

The Host, Producer and creator of Beatle Brunch, Joe Johnson, draws his inspiration to write and produce the show each week, from the pop culture that bubbled to the top in the 60’s to what’s happening in the world of music and culture today. With the albums, books, artwork, performances and charitable causes that Paul and Ringo embrace, to the love that Beatles fans share for John Lennon and George Harrison, even today, The Beatles will be studied and celebrated for generations.

What We Love Most About the Beatles

Incredible Music 100%
Inspirational Writing 95%
Fond Memories 97%
Unique Hairstyles 75%

Meet the Beatle Brunch Team

Joe Johnson
Joe JohnsonHost
Joe Johnson is a nationally recognized voiceover talent and for 30-plus years, a major-market radio personality in South Florida. You’ve heard JJ on hundreds of radio and TV ads but probably don’t even know it, from clients like Mardi Gras Casino, McDonalds, Radio Shack, Pet Supermarket, Bacardi and Kelloggs.

Joe spent 28 years at Miami’s heritage classic hits station, Magic 102.7, where he was Creative Services Director, Host of the Award-Winning Jukebox Saturday Night & Beatle Brunch, The Morning Show Host and then eventually the 10-3 Midday Host, where he had the highest ratings on the station. In 2015 he was named “Best FM Radio Personality” by the Broward and Palm Beach New Times.

Tom Frangione
Tom FrangioneShow Contributor
Tom Frangione is the Beatles aficionado that Paul or Ringo might call if they had a question on The Beatles. Tom has been a study of The Fab Four since he donned his first Beatles Halloween costume in 1965. He joined Beatle Brunch as “Script Dr.” and today finds himself as The Beatles’ expert on SiriusXM’s “Fab Fourum” radio program every week.

In addition, Tom writes and hosts his own weekly program on The Beatles Channel called “Way Beyond Compare”, where he plays rare recordings by the band, focusing on alternate studio recordings and outtakes, live concert, radio, and television performances, and collaborations. The show airs Mondays at 2 PM with replays throughout the week. Tom’s byline can also be found in Beatlefan Magazine.

Margot Winick
Margot WinickShow Contributor
Margot Winick was told all her young life that she was the reason her hippie music-loving parents couldn’t risk going to Woodstock (ultimately, she was born six days after the show).

Growing up in Miami, some of her earliest memories include hearing Beatles music, and eventually, appropriating her parents’ Beatles and solo LPs and 45’s and playing them over and over till she wore out the groove. However, Margot’s groove was shaped as a deejay on WVUM at The University of Miami. She’s worked in public relations and the press and contributes feature articles to Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch, offering-up her groove to fans of the show.

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