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Four Songs on the Let it Be EP!

Here at Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch, we’re happy to share with you the FOUR FAB tracks on the EP (Extended Play CD) that’s included with the Let it Be Super Deluxe and Vinyl Super Deluxe. The Let It Be EP: 4 tracks include:

Tracks 1-2: Glyn John’s unreleased 1970 mixes of “Across The Universe” and “I Me Mine”

Tracks 3-4: Giles Martin & Sam Okell’s new stereo mixes of “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Let It Be” singles

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Hear the songs on the 4-song EP from the “Let it Be” Super Deluxe. Track one: Across The Universe (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)

Song #2 from the 4-song EP from “Let it Be” is “I Me Mine” (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)

Track 3 of the “Let it Be” 4-song EP is “Don’t Let Me Down”  (new mix of original single version) by Giles Martin and Sam Okell.

Track 4 of the 4-song EP from “Let it Be” Super Deluxe is “Let It Be” (a new mix of the original shorter single version) by Giles Martin and Sam Okell.