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This week it’s a celebration and remembrance of Fab Summer Smash hits! You’ll be surprised to hear how the last weekend of June is where most of them played, songs like “Paperback Writer” and “All You Need is Love”, plus Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder had the #1 song on the radio for most of the summer of 1982, so we’ll look back exactly 40 years to THAT Fab Summer Smash! Plus win a signed copy of Peter Asher’s excellent book.The Beatle Brunch Club makes the perfect gift for summer listening! Use promo code BRUNCHDEAL1 for a one year membership discount or BRUNCHDEAL2 for a discount on a two year! Plus hear ALL of Ringo’s “Yellow Submarine” radio series episodes from 1983! Join the BBC so you never have to miss a show. See YOU in The Beatle Brunch Club


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John Lennon in 1970 Talks about Ronnie Hawkins “Down in the Valley”

June 3rd, 2022|

FUN interview with Ringo Starr from May 14, 1998. Joe Johnson talks with Ringo about his new album, "Vertical Man", going over most of the tracks, including his remake of "Love Me Do". Thanks for listening! Idea: Why not join The Beatle Brunch Club? click here

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Old Brown Shows

1604, 2022

The Beatles Introducing The Beatles album

April 16th, 2022|

This Beatle Brunch program aired before the show began syndication on Westwood One, August 1, 1999. The feature is The Introducing The Beatles album. This is from our 2nd year on the air, April 18, 1993.


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