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Why PostFab?

BBC Monthly Winners can choose one of the 4 designs shown above
in any one the colors and styles shown.
The tank is only available as a women's tee—the crews are unisex.
BBC'er Dan Cassidy writes: It all started with a date: July 6th 1957 - an ordinary day in Liverpool; except it wasn't because it turned out to be "the big bang". That was the day that when the smart, sarcastic and rock and roll loving, John Lennon met a younger, insanely talented boy named Paul. Their lives changed forever that day — and a few years later, they changed the world forever.

They are known, loved, admired in nearly every corner of the world. They created genres, broke hearts, outraged parents and smashed barriers. But mostly what they did was write some of the most brilliant and affecting music the world has known. They continue to inspire millions, even though they broke up over 40 years ago. The Beatles are Mozart – Shakespeare - Bogey and Bacall. They are forever. And that's what I wanted to celebrate when I created this collection of PostFab Tees – especially for Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch.

PostFab images are all original - not the same old Beatles designs that you've seen a hundred times all over the web. You won't find any pictures of the Fab Four. No logos. No band name. Just fashion with a bit of mystique that Beatles insiders will "get" and others will appreciate. I'm happy to be a part of Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch where BBC Monthly Winners will be able to choose any shirt from our collection, “Fab Tees For Fab Fans” — and you won't find these one of a kind tees anywhere else (including Liverpool!)

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Kickstart Your Vinyl Collection
The World's greatest Vinyl Record Frame NOW Affordable By The Kickstart Program
Isn’t it amazing the things you remember that had such an impact on you when you were a kid? I can barely remember what I did last weekend, but certain events from childhood come to mind with detail and ease. February 9, 1964. At 4 years of age, I got to stay up with my older brother and sister and watch The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan. Their music, appearance and charisma made such an impression on me that I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

Now, fast forward to the teen years when I worked in a record store. Collecting albums became a passion, especially unique, limited editions, or imports you couldn’t find locally.

Many years later, life settled down and my family moved into a new home. It was time to fix up the basement, the one room in the house where I could do as I pleased. So, my opportunity to uncrate all those albums I took with me everywhere I lived finally came to pass. As I searched for a way to display my records, the only thing I could find was a 12 x 12 frame for the album cover only. As a collector, that wasn’t good enough, since the look was not nearly as interesting without the vinyl itself. Not to mention that some of the more interesting records were colored vinyl or picture discs.

The search for a solution led me to an unsatisfying choice: either use a square frame style or find a frame shop that would make a frame for each Album and LP at a considerable cost. Instead, I decided on a little self-help. The result was the design, patent and production of The Record Showcase™.

I hope you enjoy displaying your collection and explaining to the IPOD generation just what fun buying and listening to vinyl records was when you were a kid. The Record Showcase™ … memories are made of these!


Rick, Inventor and Creator

Joe's Message
TOP 10 Reasons why The Record Showcase™ is the BEST way to frame your albums…
  1. Shows the Vinyl & Record Cover
  2. Hangs Vertical or Horizontal
  3. Reversible Silver and Gold Matting
  4. No Tape or Glue required - Your vinyl rests on a spindle!
  5. No Hardware is required - All you need is a nail!
  6. Still Enjoy the Music! - Your vinyl can be removed in seconds!
  7. Made from High Quality Polycarbonate
  8. UV Inhibitor protects your record cover and vinyl
  9. Holds up to Triple LPs
  10. Made in the U.S.A

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Record Showcase Intro

Musical Mystery Tour Fridays, 8PM to 9PM GMT
Musical Mystery Tour Direct from across the pond, Tony Bramwell, the most trusted friend of the Beatles and the delight of Beatle Brunch, will take you on his Musical Mystery Tour.

Beatle Brunch fans, if you want to hear our best BeatleBud, Tony Bramwell just tune into Totnes FM (Pronounced Tot-Ness) every Friday 3PM to 4PM Eastern Time. You’ll find a Listen Live button on Totnes FM Home to connect with the stream. Tony’s program, Musical Mystery Tour, is a jammed-packed, one-hour musical interlude featuring an excellent blend of Classic Rock and cool new sounds from UK bands. It’s fun, laid back and unmistakably Bramwell who spins sounds and yarns of musical giants from his illustrious past with a sprinkling of today’s emerging artists.

DenniLu Presents, The Beatles Cartoon
DenniLu Presents, The Beatles Cartoon

In September 1965 The Beatles Cartoon aired on ABC at 10:30am. The half-hour show was presented in two episodes with two sing-a-longs complete with Beatle lyrics. The Beatles cartoon voices were not the Beatles. They were dubbed by two voice actors, Paul Frees (John and George) and Lance Percival (Paul and Ringo). In the fall of 1968, the series was moved to Sunday mornings. It remained until its final broadcast on September 25th, 1969. A total of 78 episodes with sing-a-longs were produced in four separate locations around the world by numerous animators, background and layout artists, writers and directors. The DenniLu Company offers Hand-Painted cels signed by some of the cartoon series original animators; Peter Sander, Dale Case, Tom Halley and Ron Campbell. You can visit The DenniLu Beatles Cartoon Exhibit and see an extensive collection of Beatles Art at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Home of The Beatles LOVE featuring Cirque Du Soleil.
Anthony Anthony is the creator of the Beatle Brunch Club logo, Joe Johnson's caricature and is proud to be part of the Brunch Radio Show gang as the webdesigner for and The BBC. Anthony's illustrations have been published in many magazines and newspapers, and was the official illustrator for the Philadelphia Flyers for three seasons. Five of Anthony's caricatures of the Beatles were published in a book entitled "Beatle Art: Fantastic New Art of the Fab Four". Anthony has also illustrated two children's books, "Meet the Brittles" and "Monster for President.”
Before starting a new illustration, Anthony will take us on a Magical Illustrating Tour while he creates a new caricature of the best Rock & Roll band in the world!
Tom Tom Frangione, or 'Tee Eff' as he's called, often appears at special events to emcee a 'Beatles Show' featuring Beatles Trivia and Name That Beatles Tune competitions. His interviews with famed musicians, authors and friends of The Beatles are exceptionally informative and entertaining. Tom even helps out Joe J. when it comes to 'getting the record straight' as his knowledge of The Beatles is borderline scary. He's all things Fab, contributing stories and reviews to, the Beatle Brunch Newsletter and a host of publications. If you ever need Tom, finding him is pretty easy; just ask anyone in Manhattan's Little Italy which restaurant serves the best Rigatoni Bolognese, he's probably there. The Brunch is proud to have an 'entre' like Tee Eff!
Vanessa Vanessa Fazio Pasquariello is Beatle Blogger extraordinaire and not a dish created by Iron Chef Italian. She's often writing articles and feature stories for The Brunch just to keep everyone entertained and informed about the latest, greatest Fab Four News and what's happening in the solo camps. Her writing style is fresh, well-versed, distinctively contemporary and inviting to all generations of Beatles fans. We're delighted to witness her FABtastic prose.

Marot As a writer, Marot develops stories that strengthen the bond between The Beatles music, the devout fan, and the aficionado. Her attention to detail is balanced between intrigue and consideration, always offering a spirited, uplifting message. Marg uses Google, Twitter or Facebook to send out a thought provoking shout that’s more refreshing than your average social lounge lizard. Look for her articles and blogs on the BBC FabForum, “Things This Girl Said Today.” She’ll have you living in a world on Penny Lane selling puppies on a tray or not, but close!

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